Lifeteen is a relational, youth group style, evangelization and catechesis program for teens. It is centered around the Eucharist and dedicated to the Blessed Mother. Its focus is to not only help teens learn about Christ but to encounter Him. It is a transforming program aimed at helping our teens become life-long disciples.
The LifeTeen curriculum is based off a 6 semester rotation covering Scripture, Creed, Church, Sacraments, Social Justice, and Prayer that follow the USCCB outline for middle and high school religious education. There are also semesters that cover other topics of our faith such as Theology of the Body, The Mass, Spiritual Warfare, & Vocations. 
In addition to the catechetical nights, Lifeteen offers Issue nights (nights that focus on real issues the teens face daily in their personal lives, social lives, etc.
We meet Wednesday nights, 6:30-8:30pm, at Christ the King Catholic Church in Cambridge.