Faith Formation

What is Family Faith Formation?
Family Faith Formation is a Parish program, which prepares our youth for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation. The program also offers basic religious knowledge and continuing faith formation for children in grades K through 12. Classes begin the 3rd week of October and take place one Wednesday per month though April.
What is required?
Required first and foremost is a desire to learn more about your faith.  Families learn together during the month at home. One time per month, we meet on Wednesday nights. Parents will learn together while our Catechist’s have the children in the classroom.
What is the parent responsibility?
Please discuss with your child the importance of being respectful toward their catechist. Also, please stress the importance of behaving appropriately while in class and in church. You may also want to explain, in your own words, why your child is a part of the faith formation program. Parents play a vital role in the preparation of their child. Please set aside time during your week to cover each week’s lesson. This will prepare you and your child for the monthly session at church.